Roadmap for the Cross-Border Disease Preparedness and Response Network

The concept of the Network’s operation has been accepted!

On August 23-25, 2021, a seminar was held in Augustów. “Cross-border cooperation in disease preparedness and response”. It was attended by representatives of the Partners of the LT-PL-5R-356 Project “STRENGTHENING THE CROSS-BORDER DISEASE PREPAREDNESS AND RESPONSE SYSTEM” and invited representatives of the health care sector of the Lithuanian-Polish border.

The seminar program covered the place of health policy in public policy as well as programming of partnership cooperation and cooperation in the areas of counteracting and responding to cross-border threats to health.

The main aim of the seminar was to facilitate the emerging Cross-Border Disease Preparedness and Response Network. The participants jointly defined the areas of future cooperation, the objectives of operation and the institutional system of the Network. The provisions of the Agreement on the Establishment of the Network were discussed and are currently subject to legal analyzes at the level of the Project Partners’ institutions.