The European Health Emergency preparedness and Response Authority – HERA

Why do we need HERA?

outbreaks of infectious diseases are on the rise worldwide
learning lessons from COVID-19: cooperation makes us stronger, we need to be better prepared for future pandemics and move from ad hoc to structured cooperation with all actors

HERA’s mission

better EU health security coordination before and during crises
bringing together the EU Member States, industry and relevant stakeholders
development, production, procurement, stockpiling and equitable distribution of medical countermeasures
reinforcing the global health emergency response architecture
HERA is a shared resource and mission control centre for Member States and EU institutions to better prepare the EU for cross-border health threats.

What does HERA do?

Preparedness phase
Threat assessments and intelligence gathering
Advanced R&D for medical countermeasures
Boosting industrial capacity
Procuring and distributing medical countermeasures
Increasing stockpiling capacity
Strengthening knowledge and skills

Emergency phase
Ensuring the availability, supply and deployment of medical countermeasures
Acting as a central purchasing body
Monitoring medical countermeasures
Activating emergency measures for research, EU FAB manufacturing surge capacity and emergency funding
What are medical countermeasures?
Medical countermeasures (MCMs) diagnose, prevent, protect from or treat conditions during a public health emergency. Examples are: vaccines, antibiotics, medical equipment, chemical antidotes, therapeutics, diagnostic tests or personal protective equipment such as gloves or masks.

International dimension

In close collaboration with global partners, HERA will:
address international supply chain bottlenecks and expand global production capacity
reinforce global surveillance
in case of a health emergency, facilitate international cooperation and support for medical countermeasures
support low- and middle-income countries to build expertise and develop manufacturing and distribution capacities
support access to EU-funded medical countermeasures


HERA Board: shapes the strategic direction of EU and national health preparedness and response
• Members: Member States, European Commission with European Parliament as observer
HERA network with similar national or regional authorities: contributes to ensuring medical countermeasures are available and accessible
HERA Advisory Forum with external stakeholders (industry, academia and civil society): advises on planning and implementation of scientific, health and industrial activities of HERA
Health Crisis Board: coordinates action in response to a crisis
• Members: Member States, European Commission with involvement of other institutions